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Branstad Hoodwinks Iowa Taxpayers With Corporate Giveaways

16 Jul 2014 (02:08 PM) — Governor Branstad is about to lavish an additional $25 million in taxpayer dollars on Orascom, the giant private Egyptian Company building a fertilizer plant in Iowa.

Joni Ernst wants us to forget she would abolish the minimum wage

23 Jun 2014 (02:37 PM) — Joni Ernst won the Republican primary for US Senate by showing just how conservative she is, with positions on the extreme from privatizing Social Security to abolishing the federal minimum wage. Her primary election victory was less than three weeks ago, but Ernst is already backtracking, sidestepping, and hoping Iowans are forgetting what she said just days ago.

Analyzing Gov. Terry Branstad's Deceptive Job Claims

20 Jun 2014 (09:15 AM) — Since taking office in January of 2011, Governor Terry Branstad has been engaged in an effort to deceive his constituents about Iowa’s job market, to cover up for his failed promise to create 200,000 jobs. In recent months, the Governor’s shifting claims about the number of jobs created in Iowa have become even further out of touch with reality.

Gov. Branstad Raised Nearly $800,000 in Campaign Cash from Political Appointees

21 May 2014 (09:27 AM) — A new report shows Governor Terry Branstad has received $807,277.78 in campaign contributions from 215 of his political appointees. In a comprehensive review of more than 1,300 appointments Governor Branstad has made since taking office, the report found that nearly 1 out of every 6 appointees had donated to Branstad's campaign.

NEW TV AD: What did Gov. Branstad know?

27 Apr 2014 (01:05 PM) — Progress Iowa today released a new television advertisement, asking Iowans to call Governor Branstad and tell him to come clean about what he knew regarding his administration’s recent scandals.

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