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200 school superintendents oppose Gov. Branstad's education plan

22 Jan 2015 (02:21 PM) — Gov. Branstad has received criticism for his proposal to give just a 1% increase for school funding this year, while asking for a 9% increase in his personal office budget. School administrators added to that criticism today, saying that if the Governor's plan is enacted, it could result in fired teachers, overcrowded classrooms, and outdated textbooks.

Iowa's Homophobic, Xenophobic Kingmaker

21 Jan 2015 (10:27 AM) — The Congressman who compared immigrants to dogs, doesn't expect to find gay people when he gets to heaven, and believes that God will use the next Republican President to 'restore the soul of America' will play the role of Presidential Kingmaker this weekend.

Gov. Branstad Budgets 9% Increase for Himself, Just 1% for Schools

15 Jan 2015 (01:56 PM) — Criticism of Governor Branstad's budget continued today, as legislators said that the Governor should be "embarrassed" for requesting an increase in his office fund that is nine times larger than the increase for our public schools.

Branstad Ignores Middle Class in Condition of the State

13 Jan 2015 (11:27 AM) — Governor Branstad failed middle class Iowans today, refusing to even say the words 'middle class'

Survive your Conservative Uncle at Thanksgiving!

26 Nov 2014 (08:20 AM) — Are you heading home for the holidays, and preparing to face your conservative Uncle? This year try our 3-step recipe for survival. Preheat the conversation, stir in a few facts, then bake until perfection!

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